Friday, March 22, 2013

:: Arsyad turns two! ::


22nd Mac 2013.. 2 years old Arsyad :) Alhamdulillah! thank you Allah..

May Allah bless u dear son..
May He grant you happiness, iman and taqwa throughout your life..
Having u is a greatest gift to me n your abi..
A amanah for us to nurture with love,passion and care..
to become a good muslim, a khalifah, a leader and warrior of Islam..
Hopefully your pious du'aa will help us after umi and abi leave this world...

Kata-kata dari Saidina Umar Ak-Khattab: "Didiklah anak-anakmu mengikut zamannya kerna mereka dilahirkan bukan pada zamanmu".

Salam sayang dari umi and your little 2-month adik in the tummy :)


Lulubella said...

Dah besar dah dia...:)

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